Our Studs!


Top Hat Farm MQ Bumble Quinn - SOLD

Picture courtesy of Top Hat Farm

Born: 3/5/18

ADGA: D1927426

Dam: Top Hat Farm Q Pegs & Jokers

   DD: Top Hat Farm D Dealer Beware 1*M    LA 87 VVVV

      DDD: Old Mountain Farm Royal Flush    LA 88 VVVE

      DDS: NC Promisedland Turbo Diesel +B

   DS: Farm Oldesouth SR Sun Quasar *B

       DSD: SGCH NC Promisedland Sia Sunra 3*M  LA 89 VEVE

       DSS: AGS Olesouth Sun Ray +B

          ~ Sun Ray is sire of SGCH Farm Oldesouth SR Cuppuccino 3*M                                3*D 2014 LA 90 EEEE

Sire: Old Mountain Farm Maximo Quinn

   SD: SG NC Promisedland Nemesis 2*M    LA 90 VEEE 

      SDD: SG NC Promisedland BW Echo 1*M  LA 90 VEEE

      SDS: AGS Rosasharn SS Legolas  LA 90 VEV

   SS: Old Mountain Farm Maenar Quinn +B   LA 88 VVE

      SSD: Painted Pepper RJ Mae Mae

      SSS: Old Mountain Farm Keidan Quinn +*B   LA 88 +EE

           ~2017 Nationals ADGA Nigerian Premier Sire


Udders behind Bumble


Top Hat Farm Pegs & Jokers 

Photo courtesy of Top Hat Farm

Pegs 1st udder.  I know she will follow right in her mother's footsteps!

Dealer Beware

Photo courtesy of 

Top Hat Farm

Top Hat Farm Q Capella
Dam's full sister
photo courtesy of EOTL Farm

Grand Dam

SGCH NC Promisedland Sia Sunra 3*M

photo courtesy of Oldesouth Farm 


         ~Platinum JUJU Award

         ~The Grand Award for a doe over 6 years of age milking 900+ lbs of milk

         ~ADGA ELITE DOE

         ~2013 Top 10 AGS for Butterfat

         ~3x Best of Breed
         ~3x Best Udder


SGCH Farm Oldesouth SR Cuppuccino 3*M

photos courtesy of Oldesouth Farm 

  ~ Same father as Quasar

MeadowMist HD KingMambo

Info coming soon!!!

Reference Bucks

Gibson Farm BO Waylon Jennings

Double registered with AGS and ADGA.

Registration #:  D 1795812

Buckskin with white

Born 3/1/15

Triplet birth

Sired: 2016 - 11 Does, 1 Buck! 

Sired: 2017 - 8 Does, 3 Bucks!

Dam:Sugar Moon O Hannah

   DD: SG NC Promisedland BW Echo 2 *M LA: VEEE 90

   DS: SG NC Promisedland RC Odyssey +*B *ELITE LIST*

Sire: Dill's BF Bojangles *B

   SS:  SG NC Promisedland RC Bonafide ++*B *ELITE LIST*

   SD:  GCH AGS Dill's XM Shimmer 3*M LA: EEEE 92

Dragonfly AV Jiminy Cricket *S aka "Jimbo"


Double registered

  ADGA: PD1825002

  AGS: D-85896 

Chocolate with white overlay

Dam: Dragonfly HFX Electrum *D 1*M AR 2726    LA: VEEV 89
   DD: AGS TX Twincreeks Trace of Silver
   DS: AGS GCH Dawnland Tabby's Halifax +B     LA: VEE 88
Sire: TX Twin Creeks PKM Avatar *S +*B
    SD: AGS GCH Gay-Mor's JJU Nonpareil           LA: EEEE 92
    SS: Piddlin Acres PV Pok√©mon ++B
Born: 5/31/16
Triplet birth
2017:  2 (1 doe, 1 buck)
2018:  11 (5 does, 6 bucks)

Dam's udder photos.  

"Photos courtesy of Joanne Karohl, Dragonfly Farm"