Sales Policy

Sales Policy


  • Will not sell just 1 animal, unless you already have similar sized livestock that it can go in with  
  • Disbud all kids before leaving 
  • Give kids both CD/T's before leaving our farm 
  • Retain the right to retain any goat born on our farm 



Does start at $350 & Bucks start at $250.



All reservations will be filled first. 

Then kids are sold on a first come first serve basis.  

Once your kid is born we will contact you and ask that you respond within 48 hours. 



  • Once you select your goat(s), a $50 deposit PER goat is required to hold your goat(s) until weaning 
  • Bucklings must be picked up at 8 weeks old
  • Boarding fees will be charged for any goat not picked up on the arranged date   
  • Deposits are non-refundable  
  • Final payment MUST be paid in CASH



Our Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats are registered with ADGA and AGS (some with NDGA also).  

Applications will be provided but it is the buyers responsibility to pay the registration and transfer fees. 


Health Certificates

Health Certificates or testing requested is the responsibility of the buyer. 



We guarantee our goats are healthy when they leave us, however; we do not have control over what happens once they leave our farm.  Purchasing livestock is always a little bit of a gamble.  We've all purchased animals that didn't end up living up to our expectations. We will ONLY consider replacing a kid, if we have a statement from your vet that the animal, purchased specifically for breeding, does not have the ability to breed.